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Fort Bend Child Support Attorney

“Our Family Fighting for Your Family”

For years these words have guided the Zand Law Firm child support attorney team. Our staff of seasoned professional and lawyer Dean Zand has helped numerous clients to resolve their family law cases with skill and understanding.

Texas Child Support Attorney

Dean Zand has had child support attorney success litigating family law cases in the courts of Fort Bend County and Harris County for years. Our team is familiar with the Fort Bend court system and can help navigate our clients through the process. Dean is very sensitive and aware as an child support attorney and has had tremendous success as a Richmond divorce lawyer.

Child Support Conflict

Conflict generally arises when two people begin moving in opposite directions, especially when a child is involved. Dean has experience with these types of conflict.  The help of an experienced child support lawyer can help you work through that conflict and create long-term livable solutions.

Issues or questions to consider that our team can assist with:

  • Never asked or received child support but looking into it
  • You are being asked to begin paying child support
  • Need to increase child support due to paying parent income increasing
  • Need to decrease child support due to income decreasing
  • Being sued to increase the child support you are paying
  • Being sued to decrease the child support you are owed
  • Job and family situation has changed so you need to decrease your child support obligation

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support

For general information and FAQs from the state of Texas visit Texas OAG Child Support Site.

There are guidelines in Texas that determine child support as established by state law. The guidelines are meant to ensure that a child’s needs are provided for from the time of the divorce until the child either is 18 years old or has graduated from high school, whichever comes later.

The divorce attorney at the Zand Law Firm can help with each situation and help you understand your options and possible outcomes. If you are in need of a divorce attorney to help with child support contact us at 281-751-6466.