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Family Law & Divorce Consultation

At the Zand Law Firm, we consider the initial consultation one of the most important steps in the evaluation and consideration process. This is an opportunity for you as a client to communicate your situation and get honest legal advice and direction about how to best proceed.

What the Initial Consultation Is

Typically, a client comes in with general questions about an impending or recently filed divorce, or some other family law related issue:

  • We will review, evaluate, and explain the divorce process that is available and describe the steps needed to move forward.
  • The initial consultation provides the attorney the opportunity to learn more about the client as a person and learn about the client’s spouse and children(if any)
  • The initial consultation provides the attorney the opportunity to gain a good understanding of the psychological and financial situation the client is in
  • The initial consultation provides the client with the opportunity to get to know the attorney and become comfortable with who they are hiring to represent them
  • The initial consultation provides the client with answers to their divorce-related questions
  • The initial consultation enables the attorney and client the opportunity to discuss what the client’s goals are regarding: custody of any minor children, child support, spousal maintenance and, division of property and debts

Divorce Consultation Cost

At the Zand Law firm we believe clients should get a fixed-cost consultation to understand their options as well as assess the best way to proceed.  We charge our clients a low fee for a consultation and make sure you are educated and equipped to make the next step.

Why a Paid Consultation versus a Free Consultation

We believe clients should be able to get a proper consultation without pressure to proceed to legal retainer.  More often than not, a consultation is truly all that is needed allowing a client to make the next steps without legal representation.  Because we only offer paid consultation, we provide our client the best advice for that session and remove any pressure for ongoing legal representation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to helping you pursue a favorable resolution to your issue. We can be reached by phone at at 281-751-6466. You can also contact us by filling out our Divorce Lawyer Contact Form