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“Our Family Fighting for Your Family”

For years these words have guided the Zand Law Firm Mediation Attorney team. Our staff of seasoned professionals have helped numerous clients to resolve their family law cases with skill and understanding.

Divorce Mediation Attorney

Dean Zand is an experienced divorce lawyer with years of experience in divorce mediation. The Zand law firm helps their clients mediate family law issues for clients in Fort Bend County, Richmond and Sugar Land, TX. Dean is familiar with the Fort Bend court system and can help navigate you through the process.  The Zand Law firm divorce attorneys are members and have passed the State Bar of Texas.

Considering Mediation or Why to use a Mediation Lawyer

Divorce and family law issues are often wrought with emotion. In some instances, both parties understand that the best thing for both of them is reach an amicable settlement and move on, while other times one or both parties are determined to battle in court. To fully understand your divorce options, it is important to talk to an experienced lawyer with family law litigation and mediation experience.

The Zand Law Firms divorce attorneys understand that the decisions clients make early on can affect their lives and their childrens' lives for years afterward. We work closely with our clients, devoting our full attention to their case.

Amicable Settlement

Mediation may be the best way for you to reach an amicable settlement in your divorce. To learn more, call  281-751-6466  for a consultation with our family law mediation attorneys.

There are a number of advantages to mediation. Primarily, it is quicker and more cost-effective than litigation. Additionally, it places less stress on both spouses and their children. By taking a collaborative approach to complex family law issues, agreements also tend to be more enduring as both parties are comfortable with the outcome.

The Zand Law Firm have experience mediating divorce and a variety of other family law issues such as child custody, visitation, child support and property division. Let our team work towards a fair settlement while remaining a strong advocate for you and your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our attorneys for representation in Fort Bend County, Richmond and Sugar Land TX. We are committed to helping you pursue a favorable resolution to your issue. We can be reached by phone at  281-751-6466 . You can also contact us online.